Perfect Electric Brush Makes Your Cleaning Easier

Perfect Electric Brush Makes Your Cleaning Easier

28/12/2020 | Betty

Sore back, back no longer adapted to bending movements? Spending too much time doing housework? Too high to reach? No problem! The cordless electric cleaning brush can easily help you to solve these worries. For the busy life of modern people, the electric cleaning brush can save you a lot of time. As a person who needs to spend time cleaning from time to time, you will never go back to the old products after using the electric cleaning brush. There are many factors that make this electric brush a great investment, so without further ado, let's dive right in and find out what makes this electric cleaning brush stand out from the rest!

What exactly is it?

It is a bathroom cleaning and scrubbing tool with a multifunctional, adjustable handle length for cleaning needs and an extra long life.

Product features:

Easy cleaning without bending

Unlike other electric cleaning brushes, this one has an extra extendable 25" handle to reduce the strain on your knees and back. The short cleaning brush is ideal for cleaning closer to home, and the retractable handle eliminates the need to bend over and/or kneel to clean hard-to-reach corners, especially helpful for knee and back pain and arthritis.

3 Adjustable angle wash head 

The power brush features an adjustable angle wash head for more efficient use and is equipped with an extension bar and three different types of brush heads for a variety of scenarios that need cleaning to help clean stains and greatly meet different cleaning needs. The extra wide flat brush head is used to clean large flat areas such as floors, tiles, ovens and hobs, walls, patio furniture, swimming pools etc. The round bristle head is ideal as a concave cleaner for baths, sinks or toilets, while the corner scrub head brushes are perfect for cleaning grout, window sills, edges, corners and tight areas, even bicycle wheels. It is perfect!

Optimum material for the brush head and handle

After countless experiments to confirm the optimum hardness of the brush, the best material for the brush head was chosen to ensure that the brush will not be deformed let alone scratch your bath. The newly upgraded electric cleaning brush is made of ABS+PC, ergonomic and the handle will not fall off during cleaning.

High safety and ultra power

This electric brush head is waterproof and the highly sealed design makes the electric cleaning brush resistant to water splashes even in wet conditions. The extra power and extra large capacity battery, which can be used continuously for more than 60 minutes without stopping when pressed, not only meet deep cleaning needs but it is portable, lightweight and detachable.

How Much Does Electric Brush Costs?

Our electric brush is available in three sets:

  • First set: 1 Household Brush Set price costs 39.99$ have Round, Flat and Corner Brush and Electric spin scrubber (Host, Handle and Telescopic Rod)
  • Second set: 1 Household Brush Set+1 Replacement Bush Head (3pcs) costs 49.99$ have 1 Whole set and Round, Flat and Corner Brush
  • Third set: 1 Household Brush Set+1 Portable Brush Set+1 Replacement Bush Head (3pcs) costs 89.99$ have 1 Whole set and  Round, Flat and Corner Brush, 1 Electric spin scrubber (Host, Handle and Telescopic Rod)

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Conclusion: Do I Really Need It? YES!!

Overall Rating


Ease Of Use


Rustproof And Durable


Value For Money


With the help of electric brush, you can easily solve the problems such as back pain, difficult of bending!! Don’t you think this awesome brush tool deserves a place in your cleaning toolbox without spending more time and effort on cleaning?

How Do You GET this New Electric Brush?  

Now that you are aware of this amazing tool,and if it's still in stock,here is how to get one:

We recommend ordering a new electric brush for cheapest from the supplier's website by clicking here.