Perfect Electric Brush Makes Your Cleaning Easier

Perfect Electric Brush Makes Your Cleaning Easier

29/12/2020 | Jessica

Cleaning the house is an essential part of everyday life, yet we often waste time by using bad cleaning tools and are really exhausted by stubborn stains when cleaning, but with our new, upgraded electric cleaning brush this problem can be easily solved. No more bending down and staying in the same position for a long time, as the length of the brush can be adjusted to suit different areas and the length of the handle can be adjusted as required. It is also equipped with several different brush heads for easy cleaning of different details, whether in the bathroom or the kitchen, on the floor or in the bath, making your home bright and tidy.

Now let's take a closer look at the performance of this new electric brush!

Ultra High Performance

This cordless electric cleaning brush has been manufactured with durability and long-lasting performance in mind. Made from the highest quality materials after numerous experiments, it guarantees that the bristles of the brush head are not soft or hard, as well as being able to guarantee effective cleaning in the shortest possible time.

Retractable Handle

This electric cleaning brush also features a retractable handle and a swivel head, making it easy to access those difficult areas that are out of reach, without bending down and with less effort, especially helpful for the elderly, pregnant women and children, and who has knee and back pain and arthritis.

Interchangeable Brush Heads 

Our new electric brush heads also include three brush heads that you simply align with the main unit connector and install at the touch of a button. The flat brush is used for flat surfaces such as tiled floors, patio furniture, pools and windows, the round brush is used for irregularly shaped surfaces such as baths, toilets, sinks etc. The corner brush head can be used to clean grout, hard to reach corners and tight spaces.

Extremely Safe In Wet And Dry Areas 

You can use it with complete peace of mind as it is also waterproof, with a sealed, waterproof cover designed to be safe and leak-free, allowing you to use the electric cleaning brush safely in wet and dry areas . Ideal for indoor or outdoor washing needs, it can be stored and hung in the bathroom after use, making it convenient and space-saving. It is perfect!

Environmentally Friendly And Noiseless

We have also brought the concept of environmental protection into the design of the product. As an electric cleaning brush, this scrubber is powered by a rechargeable battery, which can be charged quickly and can clean continuously for at least 1 hours. 

Its high intensity torque rotary power is under 70 dB at idle and can be kept under 80 dB when cleaning, making it fully powerful and noiseless.

High safety and ultra power

This electric brush head is waterproof and the highly sealed design makes the electric cleaning brush resistant to water splashes even in wet conditions. The extra power and extra large capacity battery, which can be used continuously for more than 60 minutes without stopping when pressed, not only meet deep cleaning needs but it is portable, lightweight and detachable.

How Much Does Electric Brush Costs?

Our electric brush is available in three sets:

  • First set: 1 Household Brush Set price costs 39.99$ have Round, Flat and Corner Brush and Electric spin scrubber (Host, Handle and Telescopic Rod)
  • Second set: 1 Household Brush Set+1 Replacement Bush Head (3pcs) costs 49.99$ have 1 Whole set and Round, Flat and Corner Brush
  • Third set: 1 Household Brush Set+1 Portable Brush Set+1 Replacement Bush Head (3pcs) costs 89.99$ have 1 Whole set and  Round, Flat and Corner Brush, 1 Electric spin scrubber (Host, Handle and Telescopic Rod)

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Conclusion: Do you want to say goodbye to the days of hard cleaning? OF COURSE!!

Overall Rating


Ease Of Use


Rustproof And Durable


Value For Money


This thing is simply lazy people and small people gospel.Its extended arm can also be very good to help you brush the usual reach of the place. You just need to take it to stand there, playing with the phone while letting it brush your home and no longer have to work hard to bend over and wipe!

How Do You GET this New Electric Brush?  

Now that you are aware of this amazing tool,and if it's still in stock,here is how to get one:

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