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Saker Spray Paint Racks

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  • INNOVATIVE DESIGN- Our Saker Spray Paint Racks is a revolutionary tool that allows you to paint and stack doors and trim with ease. With its unique and innovative design of the I-type, it can totally change your way when you paint. A lot of problem will be avoided because it will both save your area of stocking and the hassle of trying to avoid drips, runs and smudges from too much project handling. It is a perfect tool to make your work more efficiently.
  • TIME & SPACE SAVER- This amazing tool not only can turn over the door easily but also can be stacked with its unique design. With the ability to stack several doors or trim, and paint both sides in one seamless process, you can complete and move onto the next project faster. Everything you want to do with the door,it can be effortlessly done just in your house.
  • USER FRIENDLY- It is easy to set-up and operates. Before your painting, you only have to remove all the hardware such as the door hinges and handle or knobs. Attaching the tools on the four corners of the door, and then you can do the painting or repairing you want without any trouble. The door can be flipped easily by this tool when you have painted the other side and want to continue. 
  • DURABLE AND VERSATILE- This Saker Spray Paint Racks is amazingly durable, versatile and reusable. It can be used to paint interior and exterior doors, trim and kitchen cabinet doors. Its strong construction will withstand countless painting projects, providing an effective and efficient solution to the everyday painter problems.
  • ORGANIZED- It is a must-have for homeowners and high production contractors. These racks allow the ability to create a controlled environment in one area of a room. The organization of condensing a large project into a smaller area leaves more living space during home renovations. 


  • Color: Grey
  • Material: PA6-GF30
  • Weight : ‎1.96 lbs(pack of 4); 3.75 lbs(pack of 8); 5.95 lbs(pack of 12)
  • Size: ‎10.6 *6.3 *5.6 inches (pack of 4); 10.6*5.6*12.0 inches (pack of 8); 12.0*10.6 *8.1 inches (pack of 12) 


The base package includes: 

  • Saker Spray Paint Racks (1 set has 4 packs)
  • Instruction manual *1
  • Nails *4 (1 set)
We offer Pack of 4, Pack of 8, Pack of 12 and Pack of 24 for your choice.